Parable of The Sower

Lyrics to our new single:


* The Last Emcee’s Verse *

Everything you change changes you

I’ll be damned if that ain’t true

What you gonna do when life pushes you

And even you think you’re through

I’m an animal with a parable

Careful, I got horns like a caribou

I’m in my element walking down the avenue

Thinkin’ how I’m a break out, I’ma find an avenue

They pitchin’ on St. Nick

I’m spittin’ that flame shit

Hustlin’ yea, some would say same shit


* Chrous *

Cuz everything you change

Touches you profoundly

Things’ll never be the same

I think I finally found me


Cuz everything you change

Touches you profoundly

Things’ll never be the same

I think I finally found me‘


* Abe’s Verse *

I found them heron baggies inside the toilet

You thought they flushed away, they wasn’t even moist yet

I saw ya yell at mommie, I heard ya punching auntie

Told me respect women, is this how you grow manly?

Uncle looking comatose, goddamned nearly overdosed

But this the shit I been exposed since I been like six years old

Okay I’m looking for God now, pray you answer my probs, how?

I hear no words it ain’t odd, Thou never seem to respond out loud

And this nigga weed so goddamn loud, I ain’t hearing shit but banging out/

Bandanas, hammers, Mario (POW), Charles Bronson Death Wish/

Action Bronson rhetoric, Little brother wanna step in this

Regulating with my fists, Do what I do or catch The Reckoning/

Let down by my heroes, I swore not to be em

Till I became em- Had nothing to fear- Then

Lil Bro was killed… Lost my reason for living

Now this Peace Poet (just) hope to save a life that listen cuz…


* Chorus *


* Frankie 4’s Bridge *

Cuz everything you touch, touches you back, true dat, who knew that //

Making a mark on the world could leave you blue black till you blew back to the //

Starting line, life keeps testing this, heart of mine//

Why would I follow rules when I see outside the lines?// (2x)


* Luke’s Verse *

I’m admitting it, I’m spitting it, and I’m fitting it in your brain

All I am is what I’m living dancing with my DNA

Grandma passing whiskey down— That’s plenty for today

I’m feeling kinda tipsy now I got too much to say

Around my way— a holiday’s an alcoholic séance

I started spitting WORD so I had something to play on

Papa was a rock star— teaching me to pray on

But I was just another kid for this system to prey on

Teaching me to kill, whatever’s in my path (and)

Act like I know everything and never have to ask (and)

Forget about my people, only focus on the cash (and)

Have a heart of stone till it all come crashing down

Down… And now I am transformation,

Found me on the corner: work and liberation

Making music for the movement: to FREE US ALL

Making mirrors outta mics til we: SEE US ALL