Developing Safe Spaces & Empowering Students

The Peace Poets know how to develop a safe space so students can express themselves and listen to others with respect and tolerance. You empower students with self-esteem and energy to serve their communities. You motivate them to write and enjoy the process. The fact that students return week after week to the class is an indication of how much they enjoy the workshop.


– Blanca Izaguirre, Consejera, Newcomers High School


Blanca Izaguirre, Consejera
Newcomers High School

Making meaning out of the human experience

These poems remind me of the link between philosophy and poetry in the sense that they inevitably gravitate towards big questions, towards making meaning out of the human experience… I am struck as I believe you will be, by the level of empathy and compassion found in these words.

-Sekou Sundiata

-Sekou Sundiata

Speak with flavor

..this group of young men, leaders, artists, visionaries-take the political personally-then digest it, wrestle it, grip it, squeeze it, and most importantly address it with passion, grace, and integrity- then they speak on it with flavor!

– Michael Cirelli, Executive Director, Urban Word NYC