Movement Music


The Peace Poets are now offering sessions to compose songs with you!

Do you have upcoming meetings, rallies, marches or actions?

Could we make them even more inspiring with the power of original music?

See examples of songs we’ve created with movement partners:

Offerings currently available:

  1. Song Creation Session: Gathering with your staff and community, we’ll compose songs and chants that are custom made to reach your goals, enhance your campaigns and invigorate your actions.

  2. Song Leading Training: Exploring the art of leading your group in song, we’ll offer our time tested methodology for integrating music into the life of your org from meetings to marches and beyond. We’ll learn how to help a crowd ground in purpose, learn the lyrics and sing them loud.

  3. Live Performance / Song Leading: We’ve offered our hearts in the form of poetry and music across the world for crowds of hundreds of thousands to small direct actions and we always strive to honor the heart and soul of the people present. Everytime we can feel the magic of connection and creation. We are now offering curated live shows both online and in-person for orgs, schools, conferences, rallies, marches, actions and cultural events of all kinds.

  4. Cultural Worker in Residence: Monthly sessions to explore ways in which we can cultivate a culture of connection and solidarity within your organization and your work in the world. Internally, we can support a group in building community, transforming conflicts, and regrounding in collective vision. Externally, we can shift narratives, stay vibrant and inspire our people.

  5. Designing Direct Action: Drawing on decades of experiences leading marches, rallies and actions, we’ll explore ways of integrating soul, power and purpose through ritual, music, and poetry and see how this can strengthen your strategy and expand the current narrative around your issue.