Professional Development Training

This professional development workshop is designed to guide educators, organizers, and professionals in deepening their relationships with students and peers, learn how to write and perform a spoken word poem, and study the elements of Hip Hop and how to use these tools in the classroom to nurture students in continuing to find their agency.



The workshop takes on a Freirian and Boalian approach to explore education through experiential knowledge and collective creation verses what is merely academically validated. It focuses on trust building and truth sharing as a foundation for creating meaningful relationships and as a stepping stone to begin writing and sharing our experiences through spoken word.

Participants will explore the leaders that inspired the Hip Hop movement. They will also practice in the arts of breakdancing, beatboxing, and rap that have been used to transform violence into creativity in the Bronx and around the world. Participants will learn how to incorporate these tools to develop classroom culture, create art, and envision a more just world.


•  Promote art, writing, and critical analysis.
•  Learn tools to educate through poetry, hip hop, and theatre.
•  Foster an intentional community with participants.
•  Explore vulnerability as strength.
•  Reflect and rediscover our own selves.
•  Understand more deeply the needs of our community and create art with the intention of transformation.


•  Introduction to Spoken Word Poetry.
•  Introduction to Hip Hop Culture.
•  Community building and group dynamics.
•  Theatre of the Oppressed games and theory.
•  Free writing.
•  Literary tools and poetic devices.
•  Other Hip Hop elements: Rap, Beatboxing, and movement.

Sessions: Single workshops, week-long, or weekend seminars available.
Duration: 12 – 16 hours.
Participants: 12 maximum per facilitator.
Public: Educators, community and grassroots organizations, teaching artists, counselors, psychologists, social and cultural workers, actors, volunteers, and agents of change working in the field of social justice. No previous experience required.


Spoken Word Poetry Writing Workshop


Movement Music Chant Writing Workshop


Panels, Assemblies, and Guest Speakers

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