Movement Music Chant Writing and Organizing Workshop

The Peace Poets compliment their work inside the classroom with poetry and music that responds to social and political crisis. They have created countless songs and chants that organizers have brought to the streets, beautifying our movements for justice and liberation.



They infuse what they simply call Movement Music with social justice movements of our times. Movement Music is an art form of creating short learnable, shareable, beautiful songs that could be used in meetings, rallies, and actions with the goal of making our movements more inspiring, effective and sustainable.

Participants will focus on justice issues relevant to their community and create beautiful music that they can bring into action. Participants will be trained on leading and facilitating chants in public with community groups.


•  Promote art, writing, and critical analysis.
•  Learn tools to write chants and songs for actions with community members.
•  Foster an intentional community with participants.
•  Explore core group values, goals, and intention of song’s impact.
•  Understand more deeply the needs of our community and create art with the intention of transformation.
•  Learn how to facilitate and lead community members and allies in singing chants and songs in public and at direct actions.


•  Introduction to Spoken Word Poetry.
•  Introduction to Hip Hop Culture.
•  Introduction to the history of protest music.
•  Introduction to song writing.
•  Community building and group dynamics.
•  Free writing.
•  Literary tools and poetic devices.

Sessions: Single and multiple workshops available.
Duration: 4 hours.
Participants: 12 maximum per facilitator.
Public: Educators, community and grassroots organizations, teaching artists, counselors, psychologists, social and cultural workers, actors, volunteers, and agents of change working in the field of social justice. No previous experience required.

Spoken Word Poetry Writing Workshop


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