Spoken Word Poetry Writing Workshop

This workshop series is an invitation into a journey of self reflection. We will study the self, and share the parts of us that ache. We seek to speak to the places of vulnerability and the social violence that we are all affected by. It is a space to laugh, cry, dance, release emotions, and know you are not alone. It is a call to recognize our individuality, our greatness, and the power of the collective. It is a call into leadership.



The workshop is not merely designed to develop literal capacity, but to develop our emotional intelligence and create a class driven culture that values holding a safe space where everyone feels valued and welcomed, and no one is excluded. It is a place where we can be who we are and celebrate who we are becoming.

Participants will study liberation artists and explore varying perspectives on gender and sexism, racism, and issues of social relevance that are of interest to them. Participants will dialogue, share reflections, and translate their thoughts into fresh rhymes!


•  Promote art, writing, and critical analysis.
•  Education through poetry, hip hop, theatre exercises and games.
•  Create an intentional community with participants.
•  Explore vulnerability as strength.
•  Reflect and rediscover our own selves.
•  Understand more deeply the needs of our community and create art with the intention of transformation.


•  Introduction to Spoken Word Poetry.
•  Introduction to Hip Hop Culture.
•  Community building and group dynamics.
•  Free writing.
•  Literary tools and poetic devices.

Sessions: Single or multiple workshops are available for long term residencies.

Participants: 12 maximum per facilitator.

Public: Youth groups, middle and high schools students, graduate and undergraduate programs, community and grassroots organizations, teaching artists, educators, psychologists, social and cultural workers, actors, and agents of change working in the field of social justice. No previous experience required.

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