Video by Frankie 4 Film Works
Musical Production by BehindTheRhymes

Mental Slavery (Lyrics)

* Chorus *
Look at what you made of me
Brothers in penitentiaries
Sisters Lost they self esteem
Goddamn mental slavery
1st you break their spirits
Then you take their minds
Knowledge they won’t go near it
Then you take your time
Mental Slavery (What the fuck is that)
Mental Slavery (I never heard of that shit)
Mental Slavery (Oh you think you better than me)
Mental Slavery (But can you kick my ass)

* The Last Emcee’s Verse *
I’m peaceful but that don’t mean you get to walk on my people
I gotta black belt and a black gun
You know damn well that I won’t run
I ain’t the hardest here
But this ain’t a movie my heart is here
And you ain’t moving these artists here
We warn the people like Paul Revere
Fuck ya fear!

* Ram3’s Verse *
We stayed slaves, they tied the chains, up to my brain – I ain’t even know it/
I write these verses, trying to reverse this, I don’t rehearse rebellion – I show it/
Cuz I’m a black man, on a blacklist/
I wear a black flag, with a black fist/
I know history, so I’m an activist – I’m a Peace Poet – not a pacifist/
I fight for mine – against the system – against the odds – on a land mine/
Hand to hand with one hand tied/
I fight for peace, a contradiction; a schitzophrenic type mind condition/
But my condition has been conditioned/
We lose the meaning of a crucifixion, when non-believers rock True Religion/
Cuz we about that money, right?/
Rich on Friday broke on Monday, right?/
Can’t walk out the house looking bummy, right?/
Used to hang from trees, get sold on the block/
Now we smoke trees, and sell on the block/
That sounds a bit funny, right?/
Well, why the slaves these days don’t know?/
Cuz they the product not the prototype

* Chorus *

* A-B-E’s Verse * (8)
Go to school, get a job with your college degree,
Get married, get a house, raise a family,
Pay your mortgage and your taxes annually,
Give a fuck about war – foreign policies,
Slavery’s about complacency,
There’s no naivety in A-B-E,
I’m coming after everybody, no detaining me,
Mr. Break The Rules, Mister Blasphemy,
My revolution’s to believe in you,
Not an institute, Or a thing or two,
Validating you prepared for a job by school,
Not to slang or to bang with a gang, confused?
9 to 5 or getting live to crime’s socially devised,
It ain’t your purpose divine,
Fuck the routine trynna stack that green,
We just learn new ways to hang off trees

* Frankie 4’s Verse *
The brain child of Rothschild and Rockefeller
the stockpiles of dead babies screaming acapella
over hot piles of lava, a brother hits another
choppers undercover dropping death at high propeller..
Marty Sheen staring at the ceiling, feeling sin and
Before Charlie winning, heart of darkness spilling
oligarchs and drilling, Halliburton illin’
I be thinking THAT’S NOT WHATS UP?
Make a killin’ off a killin’, like WHAT THE FUCK?
Over $39 billion, like WHAT THE FUCK?
But they can’t see me, with they MTVs
Cuz the FCCs got an STD
when these MP3s give a fuck for free
1 in 8 marines— got PTSD
you stressing’ me bout who the best emcee
Nobody on TVs saving me
turn off that modern day slavery

* Chorus *

* Despierto’s Verse *
I don’t drop bars- I crush them, I don’t rock crowds- I hush them
So they can hear me fucking, the system that got ’em plugged in…
The matrix is a racist- I could never be complacent!
My entire generation’s facing mass incarceration
And the hell we should be raising is a raisin in the sun,
Dried up— I ain’t complaining I’ll be raining til we done,
Fist up— to raise a movement I’m a raise it like a son,
Get up—teach em to fight for human rights and what they love,
I been from Palestine to Africa and back into the fray
I’m a Witness Against Torture, I ain’t never going away
If you wanna see your freedom — then Close Down Guantanamo Bay
I don’t want your thanks for dodging tanks, I wanna see your rage
I’m anti racist feminist, a rapper for the menaces
I rap to make ya reminisce, Welcome back to Genesis,
First you hear our lyrics, then your hear our rhymes
No one can take your spirit
No one can take your mind
End This Slavery.