Living in the Vision (LITV) is the Peace Poets’ approach to comprehending and addressing injustice across the political spectrum. The Spoken Word Poetry performance embodies the idea that in order to truly create change, one must be the change they want to see. Poetry woven with acapella rap, Living In The Vision motivates the masses while highlighting the challenges that we face in realizing the personal is political.

The Living In The Vision Tour offers college and university campuses an opportunity to address community and social justice issues that impact our society using performative and poetic analysis. In the 10 years that this crew has traveled the world creating cyphers of change, they have continued to create conversation and dialogue and create calls to action through their artistics work to incite intergenerational activism and community solidarity.


Artists, educators, youth advocates and mentors, actors, activists, organizers, social workers, school counselors, psychologists, mental health professionals, college/ university students, young people.


30 mins – 1 hour and 30 mins.