Lu Aya graduated from Fordham University with a B.A. in Public Health and Healing and with a Minor in Latin American and Latino Studies. Post graduation, he designed programs that incorporate art, human rights, and public health to facilitate community building workshops focused on peace and justice in 15 countries (Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia, Haiti, Mexico, Sudan, Kenya, Niger, Liberia, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, Afghanistan, India and Nepal). Lu Aya is a trainer with The Wildfire Project where he leads interactive popular pedagogy sessions with frontline grassroots organizations nationally. Lu Aya offers training on composing and leading poignant, beautiful, accessible songs to guide social movements in becoming more effective, inspiring and sustainable. Luke is an active member of several local community justice organizations in The Bronx and he continues to work at the Kingsbridge Heights Community Center where he has been teaching and learning poetry with the teenagers in his neighborhood since 2008.