Frantz Jerome graduated from The New School earning a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Writing and Democracy. He creates and implement curricula guiding youth in exploring and analyzing media literacy at The Brotherhood/ Sister Sol and Harlem Children’s Zone. Frantz is an author for the pop, nerd, and geek cultural editorial, Black Nerd Problems. As an ensemble member of 2050 Legacy, Frantz collaborated with The Hemispheric Institute and participated in the academic conference and performance festival, Encuentro, where nearly 700 artists, educators, and activists gathered in cultural exchange and dialogues in São Paulo, Brazil (2013) and Montreal, Canada (2014). In 2010, Frantz was invited to perform Spoken Word poetry by 3 time Grammy, Tony, and Emmy Awards recipient, civil rights leader, Harry Belafonte, to participate in The Interdependance Day Conference sponsored by DEMOS in Berlin, Germany.